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Kajaria Tiles

Kajaria Tiles‘ product range encompasses a wide selection of tiles, giving you the freedom to choose according to your preferences. Ace Marketing – Kajaria Tiles Shop in Chennai offerings include bathroom mat wall tiles, ceramic floor tiles, 4×2 feet vitrified floor tiles, high glossy 4×2 Kajaria tiles, ceramic tiles with a wood finish, and elegant black floor tiles from Kajaria.

Kajaria Tiles

Kajaria Tiles Shop in chennai

Discover exquisite tile collections at our Chennai store, boasting rustic finishes and timeless designs to enhance any space. Also, explore the latest trends or embrace timeless classics with pride. We prioritize strong customer relationships, offering transparent pricing, addressing sales inquiries, and ensuring a gratifying experience. As esteemed Kajaria dealers, our commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology guarantees durable, strong, and low-maintenance tiles for Chennai homes.

Ace Marketing Your One-stop Destination!

Our luxurious floor and wall tiles at Ace Marketing’s Kajaria Shop in Chennai combine technological excellence with captivating designs and effects. No matter which tile you choose, you’ll always find something unique that enhances your space. Compared to other tile shops Ace Marketing is the largest in Chennai. The authorized Kajaria dealer dedicates itself to providing customers with top-notch products and services.

Biggest Kajaria Tiles Showroom at Lowest Price in Chennai

Explore our eclectic range of tiles to discover specially imported unique patterns and designs that cater to your individual style and preferences. If you’re looking for the Best tiles shop in Chennai, Ace Marketing’s tiles showroom is your ultimate destination. Also, we offer a variety of ceramic tiles to suit your preferences.

Kajaria Living Room Tiles – Style and Sophistication!

Transform your living room into a masterpiece with Kajaria’s Exquisite Tiles, available at Ace Marketing Chennai. Our extensive collection offers a myriad of options, from contemporary to classic designs, ensuring a perfect fit for every style. Experience the unmatched beauty of premium tiles crafted with precision and sophistication. Elevate your living room’s ambiance with the unmatched durability and quality that Kajaria tiles bring. Visit Ace Marketing today and redefine your living room’s elegance with the finest Kajaria tiles.

kajaria Livingroom tiles

Kajaria Bedroom Tiles Beauty to Your Personal Space!

Transform your bedroom into a Heaven of Elegance with Kajaria Bedroom Tiles, available at Ace Marketing. Experience the perfect blend of style, durability, and sophistication as you explore our extensive collection. Choose from a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes, ensuring the ideal fit for your unique taste and preferences. Create a luxurious retreat that reflects your personality with the finest Kajaria bedroom tiles from Ace Marketing near Vandalore. Elevate your living experience with tiles that stand the test of time, combining beauty and functionality in every step you take.

Kajaria tiles for bedroom

Kajaria Kitchen Tiles – Culinary Space with Elegance and Durability!

Kajaria kitchen tiles are the perfect choice to elevate the heart of your home. The high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability, even in high-traffic areas. From classic to contemporary, Ace Marketing’s kitchen tiles offer endless possibilities to suit your unique taste and preferences. Whether you desire a modern look or a traditional charm, these tiles create an inviting ambiance that enhances your cooking and dining experience. Discover the beauty and versatility of Kajaria Kitchen Tiles and make your culinary space truly exceptional.

Kajaria tiles shop in chennai

Kajaria Bathroom Tiles – Luxury and Functionality for Your Personal Oasis!

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat with Kajaria Bathroom Tiles available at Ace Marketing. Our exquisite collection offers a perfect balance of elegance and functionality, bringing beauty and durability to your personal oasis. Because, Ace Marketing’s premium tiles are crafted with precision and are resistant to moisture and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance. Elevate your bathroom to new heights of sophistication with Kajaria tiles from Ace Marketing near Medavakkam, where quality and aesthetics meet to redefine your bathing experience.

Kajaria Bathroom Tiles in Chennai


At Ace Marketing, we strive to meet the diverse needs of our customers. By offering an extensive collection of tiles that perfectly complement different styles and preferences. Our Shop is dedicated to helping you create your dream home while working within your budget. Also, we offer reliable and friendly delivery services, even for wholesale tile orders near Medavakkam, Tambaram, Perungalathur, etc., and Fall in love with our tiles at Ace Marketing’s showroom. Also, customers take a sample to see how it transforms their space. When it comes to tile designs, contact our shop or visit our showroom in Chennai for the best home tiles, commercial tiles, and renowned bathroom tile designs.

Which Tiles Shop in Chennai is a Trusted Dealer of Kajaria?

Ace Marketing Tiles Showroom is a trusted dealer of Kajaria Tiles Showroom in Chennai.

Which brand is best for tiles?

Kajaria – India’s No.1 Brand is best for tiles.

Which tiles are best for the floor?

Vitrified tiles rank among the top choices for flooring due to their low maintenance requirements. Simple tasks such as sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming are sufficient to keep them clean and well-maintained.

Which tiles are best and cheap?

Porcelain, Ceramic and Vitrified tiles are cheap and best.

Which tiles are stronger?

Porcelain tile’s higher density enhances its durability, making it less susceptible to wear and tear when compared to ceramic tile. Also, it exhibits remarkable water resistance, rendering it nearly impervious to water, which sets it apart from ceramic tiles in this aspect.

Why Kajaria tiles are better?

Customers now have access to high-end large tiles. Because it offers a unique fusion, combining the exquisite appearance and luster of premium-quality marble with the added advantages of superior durability, strength, and effortless maintenance typically associated with tiles.

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