Floor Tiles

Transform your home with ACE Marketing Tile Showroom’s best floor tiles in Chennai . Floor tiles play a vital role in establishing the ambiance and mood of a space. ACE Marketing offers a diverse selection of tiles that differ in size, design, color, material, texture, and finish. Made with advanced technology, these tiles are strong and long-lasting. Choose from various types of floor tiles, including vitrified, ceramic, digital, and anti-skid, with prices ranging from Rs 40 to Rs 400 per sq. foot. Some popular floor tiles options at ACE Marketing include PGVT Fog Onyx Beige, GFT BDF Natural Maple Wood, DGVT Smoky Grey Light, Satin Onyx White, and PCG 3D Statuario Super White. For high-traffic areas, consider vitrified tiles for their durability. When it comes to flooring, there are plenty of options to match your home’s overall design theme.

Enhance your home’s beauty with ACE Marketing’s finest designer floor tiles. Shop the exquisite collection of creative ceramic floor tiles at ACE Marketing’s Tile Showroom in Chennai.

ACE Marketing’s premium tile showroom offers top designs for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and living room floor tiles. ACE Marketing also offers outdoor, parking, balcony, terrace, swimming pool, porch, office, and commercial floor tiles, including designer and wooden floor tiles.

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