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Manufacturers highly process vitrified wall tiles to enhance their durability, scratch resistance, and ability to resist stains and acid spillage. A variety of colors is available in these tiles, making them suitable for walls and floors in all types of spaces. White tiles are a popular choice for living rooms and bathrooms due to their ability. Also, it brightens the interior and creates a sense of order and lightness.

In 2023, Ace Marketing’s trend for combining matte and glossy wall tiles in Chennai, of the same color is emerging. This creates a unique design with a subtle patterned effect, where the glossy finish catches the light. It creates a sense of space and contrasts with the neighboring matte tiles. Matte tiles have better traction than glossy tiles, making them non-slippery, and an excellent choice for bathrooms and other wet areas.

When it comes to wall tiles, ceramic and porcelain tiles are preferred due to their non-porous qualities and stain resistance. If the requirements are met, ceramic and porcelain tiles can also be used as floor tiles, withstanding heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions. From elegant and contemporary designs to timeless classics, our range offers the perfect match for your unique taste. Elevate your living spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms with our premium wall tiles in Chennai, that combine aesthetics with durability.

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