Vitrified Tiles in Chennai

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Vitrified Tiles in Chennai


Vitrified tiles are a highly sought-after option for both wall and floor tiles, but they are particularly popular for flooring due to their durability. Their low porosity makes them an excellent alternative to materials like marble and granite, adding to their reputation. Additionally, tiles find frequent use in outdoor settings due to their water and frost resistance. Double-charged Tiles, which feature a surface that is more durable and scratch-resistant. 

This process results in a thickening of the top layer of tiles by 3 to 4 mm. For areas with heavy traffic, vitrified tiles are an excellent choice because of their durability. Ceramic or porcelain tiles, which are non-porous and do not absorb stains, are suitable for walls. If you’re installing tiles outdoors, it’s best to choose either a matt finish or anti-skid tiles to prevent slips.

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