Natural Stone Wall Cladding in Chennai

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Tamil Nadu’s No.1 Natural Stone Wall Cladding in Chennai is Ace Marketing. A popular technique used to add a refined or thin layer of interior or exterior stone cladding. Because it creates the appearance that the wall is constructed entirely of stone. For a more authentic, rustic, and durable finish, natural stone wall cladding is preferred. Also, the most basic and cost-effective form of wall cladding involves using plain tiles. They are 12-20mm thick, without any elaborate borders or patterns.

The wet method involves using a mixture of cement or adhesives to attach the stones to the wall.  While the dry method involves mechanically attaching the stones to a metal frame system by arranging the stones on the frame. 

Ace Marketing is the Best Natural Stone Wall Cladding in Chennai. Although typically viewed as a roofing material, uncalibrated stone possesses excellent properties. It makes it suitable for cladding, flooring, and decorative purposes.

Natural stone is not only visually appealing but also weather-resistant, durable, and fireproof. It makes an excellent choice for cladding a building’s facade. Explore a wide range of granite, limestone, slate, sandstone, and marble options that exude elegance and durability. 

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