Kajaria Dealers in Chennai

Kajaria tiles
Kajaria Dealers – Ace Marketing Tiles Showroom


As one of the main dealers of Kajaria Ceramics, Ace Marketing plays a significant role. They represent and distribute Kajaria’s products in their designated region, which, in this case, is likely Chennai. As a dealer, Ace Marketing has a direct partnership with Kajaria, allowing them access to a wide range of Kajaria’s tiles and sanitaryware products. They are authorized to sell these products to customers, including homeowners, builders, and contractors. Also, other businesses looking for high-quality tiles and sanitaryware solutions.

Ace Marketing serves as a bridge between Kajaria Ceramics and the end-users, acting as a point of contact for customers seeking Kajaria products in Chennai. They provide expert guidance, product information, and assistance to customers in choosing the right tiles that match their requirements and preferences. Ace Marketing holds a crucial role in making Kajaria Ceramics’ products accessible to customers in Chennai. Through their partnership with Kajaria, they provide a seamless buying experience, ensuring that customers receive top-notch products and services.

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