High Gloss

High gloss tiles
Super Glossy Tiles

Elevate your space with our high gloss finish tiles, designed to radiate a luxurious mirror-like sheen that captivates. The reflective surface not only creates a stunning visual effect but also amplifies the perception of space and brightness in any room. When it comes to flooring, opting for double charged vitrified tiles is the optimal choice, offering a blend of durability, a premium aesthetic, and an extensive range of options.

Ideal for smaller areas or spaces with limited natural light. These tiles add a touch of opulence while maintaining ease of cleaning. The high gloss finish tiles ensure a smooth and sparkling surface. Ace Marketing has revolutionized the interior design landscape in India, emerging as a key player.

Our showroom stands as the ultimate destination for top-tier tiles, encompassing ceramic, polished vitrified, glazed tiles, and cutting-edge tile solutions. Unrivaled in Chennai, our assortment of designer tiles presents the most exquisite choices available in the market.

Also, they are making these tiles a perfect choice for bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes, and areas that demand both style and practicality. Explore the pinnacle of elegance with our premium high-gloss tiles. Overall, transform your living spaces into luminous showcases of sophistication.

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