Exterior Cladding in Chennai

 Exterior wall cladding
Exterior Wall Cladding in Chennai

Cladding refers to various materials used on the exterior of buildings, including capping, hand-braked, and custom-fitted panels.

Composite timber cladding, for example, is highly weather-resistant due to the manufacturing process which binds the plastic elements to the wood fibers, effectively protecting the timber against moisture absorption.

The primary purpose of cladding in construction is to create an outer layer or skin on the building’s outdoor walls. This layer provides thermal insulation and weather resistance while improving the building’s aesthetic appearance.

Outdoor house cladding can refer to any material used to cover part or all of the outside of a house, including timber, stone, tile, brick, render, and metal cladding. Its main function is to protect the interior of the property from external elements.

In recent years, exterior cladding has become more popular as a decorative feature rather than solely for protection.

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