Beige Color Natural Stone

Beige Color Natural Stones
Beige Color Natural Stone


When it comes to beige color natural stone, there are different types to choose from, including Crema, Travertino, and Bianco. However, Crema beige marble is the most popular among them because of its simple yet captivating finish. 

In the world of limestone, there are many shades of beige to choose from, ranging from the lightest and warmest whites, creams, ecru, buff linen, and tan, to the toastiest almost brown shades.

Adding brown to white creates beige color natural stone, along with all other beige tones. In turn, mixing the primary colors blue, yellow, and red produces brown. Pure limestone, valued for its luminosity and homogeneity of light tones, appears nearly white.

Light beige and cream shades are also common in limestone, with the Jura Beige Limestone being a prime example. This fine-grained limestone is prized for its rich beige color palette, which contains numerous tiny fossil fragments.

When combined, ivory and beige create a coastal-inspired color palette, representing the predominant hues found on beaches and other natural destinations. This combination evokes a sense of relaxation, tranquility, and peacefulness in any space, as they are soft shades of white and brown or tan, respectively.

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